David Jones, Untitled 1992 Oil on Wood price: $2,500.00

David Jones, Untitled 1992 Oil on Wood price: $2,500.00

publish date: May 24, 2010

Breakpoint rises anew in 2012!
BreakPoint Gallery and BreakPoint Underground is the collaborative brainchild of American artist and entrepreneur Michael LaBelle, (a/k/a Mikel) . First conceptualized in 2000, when the artist shared a space in Provincetown, with Romanian Graphic artist Stefan Crisan, a gallery was open in the Spring of 2001 in Provincetown, MA that introduced groundbreaking original art from passionately committed artists from Cape Cod and Eastern Europe, where LaBelle has traveled extensively, having operated a ground-breaking niteclub in Transylvania with Crisan in 2002, called, appropriately, BreakPoint Underground.

This year, Breakpoint is pleased to carry the works of Ray Nolin, the protege of Hensche.
In addition, we also have many lovely paintings by the late Ada Rayner, Henry's first wife, available for sale; both originals and prints. There are also a few Hensche's in this collection available for sale, as well as other associated artists from the period.

The gallery has operated successfully in Provincetown for three seasons and this year, in 2012, we intend to open again in the West End of Provincetown so stay tuned in June!


Throughout the twentieth century, artists in the vanguard have repeatedly challenged convention by exploring new avenues of expression and seeking alternative forms to embody new ideas. In the early years of the century, the so-called fauve artists ("wild beasts") in France, led by Henri Matisse, experimented with vivid, highly saturated colors and bold brushwork to evoke intense emotional responses. Later, artists such as the Russian Wassily Kandinsky carried these experiments further, creating abbreviated shapes that, however abstract, were meant to stand for specific concepts or forms

Painting: "Untitled" by David Jones (oil on board)